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This article is considered accurate for the current release (244) of the game.
Common Crafting Device
Prestige 11
Building XP 16
Crafting XP 6
Coin.png Chrysominter 1.5
A bigger, more advanced relative of the Crafting Table. Some assembly is required.

The Workbench is a multi-block Crafting Device that can be interacted with and is used for higher tier Crafting. You must place four Workbench blocks adjacent to each other to form a usable Workbench.

Workbench.png Workbench
Ingredient Single Craft Icon.png Single (4) Bulk Craft Icon.png Bulk (20) Mass Craft Icon.png Mass (100)
Ancient Tech Remnant.pngAncient Tech Remnant 1 4 18
Any Timber.pngAny Timber 10 40 180
Any Base Metal Bar.pngAny Base Metal Bar 3 12 54
Icon Time.png Crafting Time 1m 0s 5m 0s 25m 0s
Wear.png Wear 2 5 22
Machine: Crafting Table