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Grapple and Run Helix
Guild Buff Machine
Grapple and Run Helix
Prestige 24
Building XP 32
Crafting XP 400
Coin.png Chrysominter 110
Take your expeditions further, faster by getting a Grapple and Run Helix. Guild or Faction Members will enjoy an increase in Run Speed and Grapple Length making exploration a little smoother.

The Grapple and Run Helix broadcasts a Guild Buff that enhances running speed and Grapple distance. The Grapple and Run Helix can be enhanced by use of a Helix Power Coil.pngHelix Power Coil.

Grapple and Run Helix.png Grapple and Run Helix
Ingredient Single Craft Icon.png Single (5) Bulk Craft Icon.png Bulk (20) Mass Craft Icon.png Mass (100)
Hopper Eye.pngHopper Eye 16 52 231
Refined Gold Alloy 16 52 231
Metamorphic Stones.pngAny Stones 10 32 144
Ancient Tech Component.pngAncient Tech Component 20 64 288
Icon Torque.png Power 2,000
Spark.png Spark 1,600 6,400 32,000
Icon Time.png Crafting Time 60m 0s 240m 0s 1200m 0s
Wear.png Wear 110 160 200
Required Skill: Machine Crafting.png Machine Crafting 2
Machine: Workbench

Guild Buffs[]

Name Range Tier Wear Coin Endeavour In-game description
Minor Grapple and Run EW 1 2000 5500 400 Send your Guild far and wide with a 0.2m/s increase to Run Speed and a 5m increase to Grapple Length for Members.
Greater Grapple and Run 3 4000 40000 1400 Grab your Friends for expedition time! Run Speed increases by 0.4m/s and Grapple Length by 15m for Members.
Mega Grapple and Run 5 6000 160000 3600 Climb any Mountain, delve any cave, faster than the rest! Run Speed increases by 0.6m/s and Grapple Length by 25m for Members.